Secure Loan– Check

Select Location– Check

Sign Lease– Check

Purchase Insurance– To us, this is the most critical step in your startup process. It’s this very moment when Dentist Secure’s vast expertise in advising De Novo practices becomes reality.

We’ve helped hundreds of startup entrepreneurs navigate the process of starting a practice, purchasing insurance, and establishing risk management practices.

If you’re in need of contents insurance for dental practices or general liability insurance for your landlord we can help you find an economical, yet coverage rich, insurance policy. 

As a bonus, we’ll work with you to educate you on what insurance you need and help you select the best insurance programs for your new dental practice.

Common Questions We Answer

  • What insurance do I need to start a dental practice?
  • What is contents insurance and what does it cover?
  • What unique risks will I face as a new dental entrepreneur?
  • Can you help me with all of my insurance policies and risk management strategy?

Dental entrepreneurs and de novo dental practices hire Dentist Secure to ensure proper coverage and execute innovative management strategies.