Our vision and behaviors when working with you.

Trust is all we have until we have a claim. It’s at this moment that our clients realize the full value of the advice we provide. To support the trust we have with our clients, Dentist Secure and it’s employees would like you to know that we believe in character and integrity as drivers of our words, thoughts, deeds, and actions.

Here are our four most important philosophies that drive our actions in support of you.

We deliver positive treatment outcomes– We say that we treatment plan for risk and this philosophy mirrors how you approach taking care of your patients. We’ll take the time to diagnose your risk and offer recommendations based on what’s best for you. We will never violate laws, support conflicts of interest, compromise coverage to win on price, and will provide you honest recommendations that support your goals over any internal goals.

We seek long term client relationships– A cornerstone of our company is the relationship we have with our clients. Our company, staff, and programs are designed to manage risk now and in the future. We don’t see you as a transaction or a sales goal. Rather, we wake up every day thinking of how we can better support you, your career, and your practice.

We build strong partnerships– Dentists want to work with us because we are honest, respected in the dental community, and trustworthy in our words, deeds, and actions. We build strong partnerships by working and acting with integrity. We only recommend and partner with best in class organizations that share our ethical standards. This commitment extends to the insurance companies we recommend and allied professionals within the dental community.

We strive for excellence in every action– We continually strive for the highest ethical standards by assessing our standards, process, and programs. Through our actions, our clients enjoy a trust-based relationship that is beyond question.

By making ethics a top priority in all we do, we provide amazing outcomes for our dentists. The result of our work yields consistently high praise from our dentists and their employees.

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