Growth oriented and risk managed. Going from a handful of practices to a thriving group practice requires a partnership with expert advisors who have vast industry experience.

Whether you are an emerging group in need of risk management advice for future growth or an established enterprise DSO in need of scalable insurance programs, Dentist Secure’s expertise provides flawless risk management strategies.

Our team of professionals will guide you on the process of identifying risks that threaten your growth and cash flow. 

Common Questions We Answer:

  • What risk management concerns should I be thinking of as I grow past a handful of offices?
  • What are the emerging risks for emerging groups and DSOs that I might face?
  • How do I handle my professional liability exposures for employee dentists and 1099 contractors?
  • As we grow, we want one provider that can handle all of our insurance. Can you do that? 

Every day we answer these questions, and more, for emerging groups and DSOs from across the US. Leverage our expertise to set strong foundations for risk-managed growth.


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