There’s a unique set of challenges for new owners of an existing practice. Often, there are a number of unforeseen risks that can pop-up after closing. 

Dentist Secure’s team of advisors can clarify the risks associated with purchasing a practice and provide insights into strategies that manage risk for the new owner. 

Our buyer side focused suite of insurance programs, educational content, and support software has proven to ease the burden of acquiring a new practice. 

Common Questions We Answer:

  • Can you provide an analysis of a practice that I want to purchase?
  • What insurance do I need for a new dental practice?
  • What are the primary risks with buying an existing practice?
  • What employment practices liabilities have you seen from newly acquired practices?
  • Can you train my new employees to make sure we are in compliance?

Dental entrepreneurs trust Dentist Secure to guide them through the acquisition process and develop cost effecitve risk strategies that are easy to implement.

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