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A leader in disability insurance starts with wellness leadership

Exercise and the outdoors have always been a huge part of my life. I ran cross country and long distance events through college and worked for almost 10 years at Whole Earth Provision Company by helping explorers and outdoor enthusiasts find their next adventure. Needless to say, my college life was spent focusing on the next climb, trail, or day at Deep Eddy pool. There were days I would, without preparation, run 13 miles on a whim around Town Lake in Austin. Life was great.

In 1990, I was a part of the formation for the University of Texas triathlon team which lead me to finish my degree in kinesiology. I was accepted to medical school based on my interests in sports-related injuries and the impact of injury on performance. I loved the connection between every-day life and how physical activity can make it so much better.

If I had my preference, I would be spending the majority of the time surfing, climbing, or doing any other myriad of outdoor activities. However, life jumps at you and your career begins to soak up your time and attention. Mix in an awesome family and you begin to struggle with the setting aside of your outside-first schedule and self care.

Now that I work with hundreds of dentists, I can see a similar track in their lives. You work hard, get your degree, then start a career. The 60-hour work week is filled with managing people, treating patients, and family commitments. It’s easy to lose your conditioning, which can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. The ergonomics of dentistry is a thoroughly studied topic and evidence suggests, quite strongly, that dentists get injured more frequently than other medical professionals. As a result, insurance carriers that provide disability insurance to dentists are struggling with increasing claims from injured dentists.

So why am I, the insurance and risk management guy, writing about wellness? First off, it’s in our company’s culture to care about our clients over selling stuff. Secondly, everyone’s willing to sell you disability insurance. However, just like it’s malpractice to treat a patient without a diagnostic, we think it’s malpractice to sell disability insurance and not be a leader in dentist wellness.

Dentist Secure wants to lead dentists in wellness to manage the risk of occupational disability.

As part of this dentist wellness blog, our goal is to give you ideas, motivations, and events to improve your wellness. We are writing on engaging topics that we think will improve your physical and mental life in dentistry. Be sure to check out our podcast Perfect Makes Practice for additional connections and insights from amazing dentists that have hired us.

We’re really excited about this and look forward to your feedback as we go!

Let’s get and stay healthy.


Cary Smith

BA Kinesiology University of Texas Austin

Certified Professional Healthcare Risk Manager

Founder- Dentist Secure

Founder- Dentist Secure Labs

Founder- Done Desk